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Council cracks down on bogus compensation claims

A Merseyside council saved over 1.8 million as the result of a tough new crackdown on bogus compensation claims.

Knowsley Council initiated a policy of speedy pavement repairs and rigorous checking of accident claims, and such was their success that insurance experts are calling for similar schemes to be introduced across Britain.

Justin Jacobs, spokesman for the Association of British Insurers, said other councils should use Knowsley as an example, telling Liverpool Law Society, "The council is sending out a clear message that it is not a soft touch for cheats."

"This is good news for honest taxpayers who end up footing the bill, and it helps the council deal with genuine claimants more quickly."

The main focus of the crackdown was on members of the public who make bogus or exaggerated compensation claims after allegedly falling over broken pavements. Previously the council was getting an average of 1,700 personal injury claims annually, but this has now been cut to less than 400.

Councillor Norman Keats, a council cabinet minister, told reporters how the Merseyside authority is committed to clamping down on fraud, saying, "Our consistent efforts to crack down on fraud have resulted in successful prosecutions and a significant increase in the number of tripping claims successfully defended."

"Being tough sends a strong message - that those who attempt to defraud the council will be caught and punished."


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