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Young boy undergoes plastic surgery after dog bite attack

A four year-old-boy who is due to be a page boy at his mother's wedding was savagely attacked by a bulldog outside his home in Huntingdon.

George Brown was taken to Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge, suffering serious personal injuries from the dog bites.

He had been playing with about ten other children on the Oxmoor Estate when the bulldog ran out of its owner's house and headed straight for him. A young girl was also injured in the attack and sustained a dog bite as the animal made its way towards George.

George's grandmother, Denise Western, commented, "The children said he was thrown about like a ball. The ambulance took him straight to hospital where he had 200 stitches and plastic surgery."

The bulldog was put down after causing head injuries to the young boy and Cambridgeshire police have launched an inquiry into the incident.

George's family could now possibly claim for personal injury compensation as a result of the dog bite attack.


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