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A vehicle accident’s the story in Balamory

The New Year began less than happily for Geordie actress Kim Tserkezie when she was involved in a vehicle accident on 1st January. The wheelchair-bound thespian, who plays Penny Pocket in children’s TV hit series, Balamory, was rushed to hospital and treated for minor personal injuries following the incident in Newcastle city centre.

Exact details of the vehicle accident are unclear, but it is believed that Kim was travelling in a taxi at the time with her 10 year-old son, Jay. He was uninjured and accompanied his mother to the city’s General Hospital where she had her cuts and bruises treated before being discharged the same day.

Ms Tserkezie, a Newcastle United season ticket holder, is of Greek origin and was brought up in Gateshead, not far from the early stomping ground of Geordie footballing legend Paul Gascoigne. She has been a member of the Balamory cast since 2002, playing a wheelchair-bound café proprietor, and off-screen works hard as an advocate for the rights of disabled people.

Following her vehicle accident on New Year’s Day, Kim released a statement saying, “I’m so thankful to be alive.” It is not yet known if she is planning to make an accident claim for personal injury compensation.

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