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Once diagnosed with mesothelioma, the survival rate is usually between 8 and 18 months. However, with the correct treatment these timescales can be extended dramatically.

One of the most important factors in this life expectancy is early diagnosis. By catching mesothelioma in its early stages, the type of treatment used can dramatically alter the person’s life expectancy. There are three main methods used to treat mesothelioma:

This will usually involve removing part of the lining of the chest or abdomen and some of the tissue around it. Depending upon the extent of the cancer, a lung may also be removed.

This type of treatment involves taking drugs to kill the cancer cells. This is usually done by injecting directly into the chest (intrapleural chemotherapy). A number of side effects are associated with this type of treatment as the body tries to keep the healthy cells safe whilst killing the cancerous ones.

Radiation therapy
This uses high-energy x-rays to kill cancer cells. The two main forms of radiation therapy are:

  • External radiation therapy
    Radiation is applied from a machine outside the body
  • Internal radiation therapy
    Materials that generate radiation (radioisotopes) are inserted through small tubes in the area where the cancer cells are located

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If you (or a member of your family) are suffering from mesothelioma or other asbestos related illness as a result of exposure at work, we can help you claim compensation for the pain and suffering you are experiencing, as well as the loss of earnings and other out of pocket expenses. Our personal injury solicitors are experts in dealing with asbestos related claims for compensation and will ensure you receive the maximum award and treatment. More about our personal injury solicitors

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