How much compensation will I get?

How much compensation will I get for my injuries?
To give you an approximate idea of the amount of compensation you can expect to receive, we have compiled a list of the most common injuries we deal with, to give you an idea of the amount you may be awarded for different types of accident.

These figures are for general damages only. Other financial losses such as special damages, future losses and interest, may be paid in addition. Once we have assessed your claim we will be able to make a more realistic estimate of how much you are likely to receive.

Please note: Figures shown are approximate, based on experience and previous settlement amounts attributed to an individual's pain and suffering.  Final settlement awards may be worth more or less than the stated amount, depending on injury and individual personal circumstances.

Head Injuries
Slight head injuries, minimal brain damage
up to £10,400
Serious brain damage, limited recovery between £177,000 and £326,700
Slight injuries up to £7,000
Loss of sight in one eye between £39,800 and £44,000
Slight hearing loss, without tinnitus up to £5,000
Tinnitus, with a modest level of hearing loss up to £24,000
Total deafness up to £110,000
Loss or damage to back teeth up to £900 per tooth
Loss or damage to several front teeth up to £9,000
Fairly minor psychiatric damage up to £4,500
Serious damage where the individual has marked problems coping with life, work and relationships

up to £93,000
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Virtually full recovery within 2 years and minor symptoms over any longer period up to £6,500
Largely recovered, some continuing symptoms up to £18,000
Severe symptoms with permanent effects up to £81,000
Neck Injuries
Minor soft tissue injury, such as whiplash injury, with full recovery within a few months up to £1,700
Serious injury, such as damage to discs in cervical spine between £50,000 and £105,000
Shoulder Injuries
Minor soft tissue, recovery within a year up to £3,500
Moderate injuries, including a frozen shoulder up to £10,340
Dislocation and damage to lower brachial plexus up to £15,000
Arm Injuries
Straightforward forearm fracture between £5,000 and £15,000
Serious injury where a significant degree of recovery is expected up to £31,000
Modest elbow injury, such as a simple fracture or tennis elbow syndrome up to £10,000
Below-elbow amputation of one arm up to £88,000
Wrist Injuries
Minor or uncomplicated fracture up to £5,900
Severe permanent injury, where some useful movement remains up to £31,000
Hand Injuries
Serious thumb injury between £10,000 and £28,300
Fracture of one finger, good recovery up to £3,800
Loss of part of little finger up to £4,500
Serious injury, ring or middle finger up to £13,000
Loss of middle finger in the region of £12,500
Severe injury that will, for example, reduce the hand to 50% capacity up to £50,000
Total or effective loss of both hands up to £160,000
Back Injuries
Minor strains or sprains, where a good recovery has been made up to £10,120
Serious back injuries involving damage to spinal chord up to £130,000
Hip Injuries
Lesser injury, where there has been little/no residual disability up to £10,000
Serious injuries involving, for example, extensive fractures of the pelvis up to £105,000
Leg Injuries
Straightforward fracture and soft tissue injury up to £7,000
Severe compound fracture or similar level of injury up to £44,000
Below knee amputation of one leg up to £105,000
Knee Injuries
Less serious knee injuries, such as those involving bruising, twisting and continual discomfort, where there has been a complete recovery in the region of £4,000
Serious knee injury, where there has been a leg fracture extending into the knee joint between £40,000 and £55,000
Ankle Injuries
Minor injuries such as undisplaced fractures and sprains up to £11,000
Fractures, ligament damage, moderate disability up to £21,000
Serious injuries with a degree of permanent disability up to £40,000
A single noticeable scar, or several minor ones on legs, arms or hands, with minor cosmetic deficit up to £6,000
Significant scarring for women, where the worst effects may be reduced by plastic surgery, but some disfigurement will remain up to £24,000
Significant scarring for men, where some scars will be visible at conversational differences up to £14,500







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