Accident claim – how will it affect me?

Most people who make an accident claim have some misgivings about possible repercussions. If they’ve been hurt at work then they may worry that their employer could suffer serious financial hardship as a result or, even worse, may be inclined to treat their injured employee as a troublemaker. If they are making a claim as the result of a car accident then they may have concerns about how this will affect their motor insurance in the future.

Accidents at work
The law is very clear regarding the issue of accidents at work. Not only is the employer obliged to make every effort to keep the workplace as safe as possible, he must also hold Employers Liability Insurance. This will cover the cost of any accident claim brought as a result of an incident at work. Victimisation is very rare under these circumstances and, indeed, is against the law. Any employer behaving in this fashion could find himself subject to another case to answer.

Car accidents
When you make an accident claim following a car crash which wasn’t your fault, you’ll be claiming damages from the other party’s car insurance. Your own insurance in the future should not be affected, as you were not at fault and have not cost your insurers anything.

First step to making an accident claim
We understand that for many people making an accident claim is a daunting prospect. They worry that they’ll have to get into legal wrangling in open court and sometimes it can seem barely worth the hassle. We’re here to reassure and remove some of the myths concerning compensation claims. Your initial consultation with us leaves you under no obligation at all. All you need to do is call 0800 781 7789 or fill in the online assessment form and we’ll contact you. Remember, if you’ve been hurt through no fault of your own, then the law says that you have the right to make an accident claim.


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